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Исобек Шерманов ( Самарканд, Узбекистан)

It is known that many moral and material valuables are created in the result of human’s activity. It should be emphasized that moral and material production supplements each other in it.

Morality is the most important quality that differ the human from the animal world. Also, because of moral and material production the human not only changes things that exist in nature but perfects himself/ herself, his/her mental and physical abilities will increase. In the process of moral and material production the human subordinates powers of nature to his aims. But topicality of this concept nowadays reflects in its dialectic relations. Concerning this matter the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islom Karimov said that “Fate of development is determined by the people who are perfect from the moral side. Technical knowledge, ability of obtaining complicated technologies should run together with moral maturity and independent mentality. Intellectual discernment and spiritual-moral capability – are the two wings of an educated person” [1, р. 46]. and showed that nowadays unilaterality is prevailing in humans regarding the processes of moral and material production. That is, today in the social life of people the matter of considering material firmness more important than moral maturity is considered one of the topical problems. Because it is not a secret for anyone that morality of the person is formed during years. And material adequacy of a human is marked more by his luck, time is not required for coming of such luck. As it is so, we should realize that the problem of reaching moral maturity is an important factor that defines our social life, and especially the development of our society.

Moral production – is one of main directions of the activity of human and society, creating moral reaches and mastering the moral reaches, consuming are the concepts that mean the process of developing moral values [2, р. 307].

Besides this, one of the important qualities of moral production is – its directedness toward comprehending, understanding the universe and at the same times its directedness toward producing new moral values. In this process the human raises, develops and enriches his intellect from one side and from the other side he/she produces ideas, knowledge, theories, works of art and other moral values that serve to satisfy people’s moral necessities.

Regarding topicality of this problem many researchers put forward a whole number of theories. For example, according A.Erkaev’s opinion, -- “…Morality – is the human’s essence as social-cultural creature, that is, it is a complex that acquires generality, integral unity of such true human peculiarities and qualities as love and clemency, fairness, rightness, sincerity, conscience, honor, patriotism, loving, enjoying the beauty, hating the evil, will, inexorability and so on” [3, р. 27]. And in the views of M.Imomnazarov we can find out that the idea “Morality – is a divine ray inside human’s heart” [4, р. 6] is primary. The scientist enriches his opinion with his description “Spirituality – is a ray of truth that reflected in human’s heart, in his mirror of soul” [5, р. 14].

E. Yusupov showing that not every qualities and peculiarities that exist in human, but only positive ones can be spirituality described the Spirituality as “—a general system of human’s moral and civility, knowledge, talent, ability, practical experiences, conscience, faith, belief, world-view, ideological views that are closely connected with each other and that influence to the social life positively” [6, р. 34].

It should be emphasized separately, that moral production stands in one place with material production by its scale and its place in life. The researches explain differently human’s intellect and thinking, his activity in life and objective reality of society, dialectical balance of moral and material production. For example, in the times of Soviet despotic regime moral production was seen as a derivative, representation of material production, it means it was considered as a secondary value.

Meanwhile, it is not possible to carry material production without moral knowledge, experience and skills. Separating the material production and moral production from each other, confronting them to each other are the mark of completely incorrect approach. They are closely connected with each other and they are two sides of one same process.

“Material and moral principles of life don’t negate each other, on the contrary connecting with each other they supplement each other”, - ascertains Islom Karimov. In spite of this, in the work of the president of Uzbekistan under the name “High spirituality – is unconquerable power” the following idea is put forward regarding the balance of material and moral production: “Generalizing such views and ideas I think it will be appropriate to realize dreams and intention peculiar to the human, to equalize material and moral world that is necessary for his living consciously into the two wings of a flying bird” [7, р. 67].

Saying in one word, human masters the moral life with the help of his/her feelings, intellect and will. Bringing up human’s feelings, raising his/her aesthetic and artistic taste, arousing love towards the beauty has been the main tasks of the humane society. Because, nowadays under the mature human from all side, “perfect human” we understand the human who recognizes his/her rights, relies to his/her own power and opportunities, who approaches independently to the cases happening around, who sees his/her personal benefits in balance with benefits of country and nation. Also, it’s becoming an important matter to form persons with high taste, to display their moral culture along with being free physically strong person who considers himself as a part of society, who became proficient in modern knowledge and high from the moral side.

Basing on the opinions stated above we should pay attention to the followings: firstly, further improvement of factors that define human’s moral maturity, including carrying educational works; secondly, approaching to the moral matters proceeding from its own national mentality on each nation; thirdly, opening the place of spiritual adequacy in forming legal and moral culture of each nation and etc. Only in this case we will be able to reach our aim, achieve that the spirituality for each person, moral wealth and material wealth will stand at the equal level.

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